Our Founders

David de la Fuente

David is well-known for his company, Fountain Glass, which he started in Kansas City on his own and employs more than 30 people. He attended North Kansas City High School and developed an appreciation for higher education later in life. He loves travelling, golfing, and cheering on Kansas City ball clubs. His family is his greatest accomplishment and that pride extends into the work he does for WdS.

“The kids we meet are exceptional. It brings me a ton of personal fulfillment to meet an outstanding student and be able to contribute to their dreams of pursuing higher education. Personally, I look for the students who have demonstrated personal initiative and who are active in their communities. I want to support the kids who are continuously looking to pay it forward.”

David’s love of golf is best observed during The WdS Annual Golf Tournament. He loves hearing about how much participants enjoyed their experience and works to improve that experience year-after-year.


Terry Smitka

Terry has been a Financial Advisor in the Kansas City community for the last 33 years and takes pride in creating customer relationships that endure and has a client roster that trusts him with their investments over the years. Terry is from the Kansas City area.

“My classmates from Van Horn High School have been very supportive.  I think our friends appreciate what we are trying to do.”

Terry is very involved in his community. Outside of WdS, he has been the President of the Czech and Slovak Club, a board member of People to People, on the Financial Committee of St. Cyril’s Church, and an International Military Sponsor at Ft. Leavenworth.

Tom Waggoner

Tom was born and raised in the Kansas City area. He attended Ruskin High School growing up and his goal with his work through the Foundation is to benefit students from his old stomping grounds and the Kansas City community. He was inspired to create WdS from working with the many charities that his wife Jane has supported over the years.

“Even though Jane and I support national charitable causes such as March of Dimes, I felt strongly about doing something more direct and personal with the (local) recipients – without the burdens of bureaucracy and overhead.”

Tom is deeply interested in travel, buying and selling collectibles, and history. Tom’s interest in history includes the history of the collectibles he sees professionally, international history, and the history of Kansas City.